Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nan & Dan to Branson & Tulsa

The Landmark Inn in Branson, Missouri

Nancye and I volunteered as ushers at the 2010 Autumn Assembly of Prayer in Branson, Missouri. The series of meetings ended on November 1, 2010, when about 1,500 people met in a large tent on Prayer Mountain. God gave Billye Brim a vison to establish Prayer Mountain. On June 29, 2008, she felt God's presence as He said, "One thing will save America...It is an awakening to God. One thing will avail for Israel and the Nations. It is an awakening to God." During corporate prayer we prayed that God would save America.

Billye Brim Ministries volunteers at the conference

We arrived a day early and attended the New Shanghai Circus. Acrobats of China were featured in a two-hour live show.

There were Christians from all over the world at the conference

Meetings were held in the Hilton Convention Center in the heart of Branson. Just across the street, along the Taneycomo River, is the Landing with many shops and restaurants.

We stayed in the Landmark Inn. The railroad is very close to the 1905 house. This view is from the 1863 cemetery and just beyond is railroad.
Anette was in charge of Spanish translation. She and I were in Missions Classes together at Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The new Branson airport is in the distance. We rented a car and had lunch here at the Murder Rock Golf Club.

The Titanic in Branson

Early worshipers in the Convention Center

A Squirrel has a nut on a tombstone near our room

Beyond the tracks of the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad is the Belks Store which is a part of the Branson Landing

I was concerned about the spikes being loose, but two trains passed safely during the middle of each night
This is the Prayer Mountain tent which seems to be about 100 yards long. It was filled for the November 1st prayer meeting

Pat O'Farrell and Nancye on the porch of Landmark Inn. Pat was another classmate at Rhema. We graduated in 1998. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Pat and Nancye at the food court of the Hilton Convention Center

At left is Pastor Jan Covenant Love Church in Kansas

Hollywood Showhouse

The Hilton Hotel and Convention Center can be see at left. Just up this street is the 24 Karot Bakery and Cafe. They serve the world's best carot cake. We planned to go there but we were very busy meetings. We were there early and stayed late. We failed our test at the airport. I talked with Dino Kartsonakis and wife Cheryl were in the airport. They were headed to New York to film a Christmas special. He asked me if I tried his cake and I had to say no. I told him about being at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg when he was there.

Pastor Keith Moore of Faith Life Church was one of our instructors at Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma. His church is the former Remington Theater.
Our grandson Caleb Ricketts of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is twelve years old. Later in November, he has the part of the beast in the musical Beauty and the Beast at his school. We rented a car at the Branson airport and drove just over 200 miles to Tulsa to visit our son Paul Ricketts, wife Rebecca and sons Caleb and Sammy. We were there for four days.
Our grandson Sammy Ricketts is nine years old. He plays on the Broken Arrow Tigers football team. Parents are very supportive of youth football in Oklahoma
Fans could have had a better day for the game. It was cool and there was a stong wind and heavy rain.

Fans Caleb and Nancye Ricketts used the press box as a wind break

The game began at 3 pm. The lights were on because of the weather

Ricketts, Number 99, made a tackle which was acknowleded by the announcer.

***Breaking news from Oklahoma: The Broken Arrow Tigers won by a score of 34 to 0 last Saturday, October 30, 2010. Way to go number 99.